Decorative Stone, Boulders and Flagstone

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Decorative Rock and Stone

Rock Sizes
Crushed #4 Rock
Crushed #57 Rock
1/4” to 1/2” Round Pea Gravel
1/2” to 3/4” Round Pea Gravel
3/4″ to 1.5″ River Rock
2″-5″ River Rock
6″-12″ River Rock
#5 Slate Chips
1″ White Granite 
12″-18″ River Stone
Decorative Rip Rap
Stone & Boulders
– 2-man boulders
– natural stone
– steppers
– cut stone pieces
– stackable pieces
– decorative boulders
We currently carry 3 colors (variegated, brown, gray) in sizes from dinner plate to pallet slabs in varying thicknesses.
Please note: Stone color appearance in these photos can vary from reality depending on lighting and dust content. Most of our round river stone is a color mix of neutral greys, tans, blues, and reds. Some stone photos appear to be all brown, but this is just the lighting and/or dust/debris on the stone. 
We strongly recommend to stop in and view the product in person before ordering.  
We are frequently adding new stone and other stock items. Stone that we do not stock regularly may be special ordered like Mexican Beach Pebbles or Pennsylvania Red Lava Stone. Give us a call to discuss!