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Mulch & Straw


Finally, Clean Mulch

Mulch is an essential element in building beautiful, healthy landscape beds that are rich in nutrients, resist weeds, and retain moisture. Plus, it makes any yard look great

These days it’s hard to find clean mulch. So many suppliers sell mulch blends that are filled with recycled materials, pallets, yard clippings, building debris, and pressure-treated wood. That means you’re introducing all kinds of harmful substances, weed seeds, and pollutants to your landscape.

Our hardwood mulch supply is different from your average mulch in that it is produced by shredding clean, natural timber with no other fillers or chemicals included.

We have bagged and bulk product available. 

Pine Straw

You may not be as familiar pine straw, which can be good alternatives to hardwood mulch. Pine straw functions more like a hardwood mulch (moisture retention, root insulation, weed prevention).

Wheat Straw

Wheat straw functions well for vegetable beds, by insulating, retaining moisture and preventing weeds. It’s also great for lawn renovations. Unlike hay there are no noxious weed seeds and is commonly used in lawn renovations. 

Mulch & Straw Products